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  1. Shure SM57 is So Great. Have you got one?

    There’s one microphone that every engineer, pro or otherwise, has in their mic locker, and that’s the legendary Shure SM57 — it’s the most popular dynamic microphone on the planet. So why is this unassuming little mic on so many professional engineers’ desert island mic lists? Why is it found on first-class concert stages worldwide? What makes it such a great mic? Here are a few reasons:

    It Sounds Good on Everything

    The SM57 is one of those rare mics that always sounds good and never sounds bad. If you’re miking a guitar amp, snare drum, or brass instrument and aren’t sure which mic to use, throw up an SM57. It may not deliver mind-blowing results, but it will always sound good. That said, sometimes it is the best-sounding mic for the job. When I was a neophyte audio engineer, I was tasked with setting up the mic for a me

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