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  1. Top 10 Things Before Building a Studio

    There are numerous advantages to having a home recording studio — being able to produce your own music, your own way, and on your own time is incredibly liberating. And while the up-front cost can seem a bit steep, avoiding a commercial studio’s hourly rates saves money in the long run. And building a home studio is easier than you think if you have a solid plan. It’s not the sort of project that you want to tackle by making on-the-fly decisions, though — that road almost always leads to disaster. So how do you make a plan? Here are 10 things you should consider before you get started.

    Establish Your Budget
    Building a studio isn’t cheap. Not only do you need equipment such as a computer, interface, software, microphones, monitors, musical instruments, etc., but you’ll also need to invest in acoustic treatment, cables, furniture, lighting, building materials, and more. It’s important to make a list of everything you need s

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