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  1. Iconic Soundtracks That Made the Movie

    Does music make the movie? Let us digress and consider two notes: E and F. Now — name that movie. (Stumped? We’ll come back to this.) A great soundtrack is no substitute for a solid storyline, script, acting, directing, and special effects. Yet there are many examples of motion pictures (and television shows) where the music is so good that it actually makes an otherwise mediocre production palatable. And then there are those movies where everything is just perfect. Here’s our take on Iconic Soundtracks That Made the Movie.

    The smell of napalm in the morning
    Synthesized Huey rotors, exotically flavored with Asian wind chimes, pan eerily around the theater. Robby Krieger’s sinuous guitar snakes in. “This is the end,” sings Jim Morrison. Onscreen, fiery footage of copters napalming a jungle village are cross-dissolved with an upside-down Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) staring down a nervous breakdown in a Saigon hotel r

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