Behringer Powerplay P16D 16 Channel Distribution Module

Behringer Powerplay P16D

16-channel Digital Stereo Monitor Distribution Module for Use with Behringer Powerplay Distribution System

RM600.00 RM750.00

Behringer P16D 16 Channel Distribution Module

 If you need to add more channels to your Behringer P16 system, the P16-D distribution module is a quick and easy way to add eight additional P16-M personal monitors, ensuring that everyone has the monitor mix they need. The P16 system is totally digital, so you get great sound and awesome flexibility. The Behringer Powerplay P16-D distribution module is one of the coolest and convenient expansion solutions available. With just one cable you can send sixteen channels of audio, and also power the P16-M monitor units. No need for extra power cables. The P16-D's compact size saves space, and its CAT5e connectivity allows you to run long cables and daisy-chain up to 48 P16-M monitors without degrading your audio quality. Get the most out of your monitor setup with the Behringer P16-D distribution module.

Behringer Powerplay P16-D Distribution Module Features:Tech Specs

  • Digital Stereo Monitor Distribution Module

  • Compatibility:

    Behring Powerplay Systems

  • Number of Ports:

    8 x Ultranet Outputs, 1 x Ultranet Input

  • Connection Type:

    RJ45 (Ultranet)

  • Form Factor:


  • Power Source:

    Standard IEC AC cable

  • Height:


  • Width:


  • Depth:


  • Manufacturer Part Number:


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