Behringer HPX4000 High Definition DJ Headphones

Behringer HPX-4000

Behringer HPX4000 High Definition DJ Headphones


Behringer HPX4000 High Definition DJ Headphones

As a DJ, you want your headphones to deliver a wide frequency response and high dynamic range. The HPX4000 headphones give you incredible performance for a price well within any budget.

Let Them Blow Your Mind
The HPX4000 provides everything you need for comfortable listening. The two rotating, reversible ear cups contain high-resolution cobalt capsules that deliver every nuance of your sound. Because of the demands of your active lifestyle, we've engineered the one-sided cable from the finest oxygen-free copper wire that resists tangling and provides maximum durability. The HPX4000 also comes with a 1/4" adapter for the 1/8" connector, making it compatible with everything from your MP3 player to your mixing console.

Just Listen…
With the HPX4000 headphones, you get truly exceptional sound reproduction at a price that’s sure to fit into your budget.

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