Behringer HD400 2 Channel Hum Destroyer

2-channel Hum Eliminator and Direct Box

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Remove Noise from Your Signal
Say goodbye to noisy AC hum and ground loops, with the Behringer HD400 Hum Destroyer. This two-channel solution lets you clean up two mono signals or one stereo signal, and even convert between unbalanced and balanced signals too. Live sound engineers at Vbizz have managed countless live shows, and we know that you can never have too many problem solvers in your toolbox. When you find yourself with a noisy audio signal due to AC noise or ground loops, you'll be glad you have the Behringer HD400 Hum Destroyer.

Behringer HD400 Hum Destroyer Features at a Glance:

  • 2-channel hum eliminator and direct box
  • Removes hum caused by AC power or ground loops
  • Converts between unbalanced and balanced signals, with 1/4" TRS connections
  • Completely passive design requires no power supply
  • Perfect for using unbalanced equipment with a balanced audio system

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: Behringer
Total Inputs: 2
Total Outputs: 2
Weight: 1kg
Height: 3cm
Width: 10cm
Depth: 6cm
Manufacturer Part Number: HD400
Country of Origin: Germany

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