Audiocenter TS118SW 18" 1200W Powered Subwoofer

18" powered DSP-controlled compact subwoofer for extending LF band width and improving LF dynamic

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TS-118SW is an active DSP-controlled compact subwoofer for extending LF band width and improving LF dynamic. It is suitable for touring and fixed installation requires clean and clear sound such as multi-functional hall, multi-media meeting room, house of worship, museum, performance, entertainment, weeding ceremony, etc.

The LF driver of TS-118SW is customized AUDIOCENTER 18" driver (4" voice coil).

3 low-pass filters (80Hz, 100Hz. 120Hz) in TS-118SW are available for the users to choose according to different environments and music styles. All the connectors and functional buttons are on the back panel.

TS-118SW subwoofer is with 2-way XLR interface that can input or output signal in double way, and it can transmit the signal to the speakers for the cascading distribution of signal.

The cabinet of TS-118SW is made of excellent wood, whose color is customized. There are rubber mats at the bottom of the cabinet which can protect the speaker from sliding. The customized base hole (Φ35mm) at the top, together with the coupling bar, can support the speaker standing aground. The accessories for TS-118SW can match different installation environments.

  • DSP signal control with 96KHz signal sampling frequency, 56bit precision
  • 3 low-pass filters to meet different requirements
  • Class D digital amplifier from PASCAL and switch  mode power supply technology
  • Optional standby time (2mins/5mins/15mins/off) if without signal input
  • Advanced natural cooling system
  • Optimized, compact, multi-functional cabinet design for convenience and flexibility
  • CNC made cabinet of excellent wood
  • Touring grade emery spraying

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: Audiocenter
Powered: Yes
XLR Inputs: 2
LF Driver Size: 18"
Low Impedance: 8 ohm
Peak Power: 1200W
Maximum Peak SPL: 134dB
Frequency Range: 35Hz-150Hz
Depth: 63cm
Width: 69cm
Height: 51cm
Weight: 51kg
Manufacturer Part Number: TS118SW
Country of Origin: China


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