Amperes EP1200 Emergency Paging Panel

EP1200 : Emergency Paging Panel

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EP1200 shall succeed EP1200A as an one of the most important tool for delivering important live messages during distress. It has been improved further with better audio clarity and operation.

A single press of the switch at the handheld mic shall override all other audio signals including siren, ie. it has the highest sequence of priority. Emergency siren tone has been caged to avoid incidental activation of siren. It is now easily integrated with Matrix Controller MxP2288 with single RJ45 jack.

Other features available previously such as interfacing with FI6000 Fire Alarm Interface panel ( for phased evacuation to comply with EN54 requirement ) and iPX5151 ethernet clients remained.

Tech Specs

More Information
Brand: Amperes
Weight: 3kg
Height: 9cm
Width: 48cm
Depth: 18cm
Manufacturer Part Number: EP1200
Country of Origin: Malaysia


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