TOA ER2930W Shoulder Type Megaphone with Whistle

TOA ER-2930W

ER2930W is a robust 45W battery-powered s/type megaphone unit is UHF or VHF wireless microphone capable and features a volume control and an on/off switch for the detachable hand-held microphone


45-watt shoulder-type megaphone with push-button activated whistle and over 2600' voice, 3300' whistle projection range
Optional UHF(800MHz) or VHF(200MHz) wireless microphone system capability with onboard fold-down flexible antenna
Easily detectable 1.6 - 2.4kHz frequency range for whistle
Detachable microphone with on/off switch and volume control
1/4" TS phone external microphone input with dedicated volume control
1/8" mini auxiliary line input jack with volume control
Power on/low battery LED indicator light
Anti-bacterial treatment for microphone
Durable aluminum construction
Neodymium magnet and Polyimide voice coil and bobbin for improved speaker performance
Long-lasting 17-hr. operating life from 10 standard "D-cell" batteries (voice)