Emix TH-20/TU-60ML 20" Horn Speaker with 60W Driver

Emix TH-20/TU-60ML

EMIX TH-20 is a 20 inch horn flare to be used in combination with a 60W driver. Suitable for broadcasting, mosque and outdoor carparks.

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Horn Flare, TH-20

Material : Aluminium
Dimension : ф510 x 360mm
Weight : 2.5kg

Driver, TU-60ML
Rated Power : 60W
Line Voltage : 100V
Rated Impedance : 500Ω / 250Ω / 165Ω
Frequency Response : 170Hz – 6kHz
Sound Pressure Level : 110dB
Power Tapping : 20W / 40W / 60W
Material : ABS
Dimension : 140 (D) x 172 (H) mm
Weight : 3kg