Yamaha TF3 - 24 Channel Digital Mixing Console c/w Cubase AI

Yamaha TF3

24-channel, 48-input Digital Mixer with 25 Motorized Faders, 20 Aux Buses, 8 DCA Groups with Roll-out, 1-knob Compression/EQ, and TouchFlow Operation.

RM14,156.30 RM14,900.00
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- TouchFlow Operation maximizes workflow efficiency
- 1-knob compression and EQ let you dial in the ideal sound
- GainFinder supports precision gain setup
- QuickPro presets provide instant access to pro sound setups
- 2 scene memory banks let you set up and instantly recall your settings
- 24 D-Pre mic preamps deliver phenomenal sound
- Onboard effects bassed on SPX processor
- TF StageMix iPad application provides wireless control
- TF MonitorMix iOS application allows for wireless personal monitoring
- 34 x 34 digital record/playback channels via USB 2.0 + 2 x 2 via a USB storage device
- 1 expansion slot for NY64-D audio interface card