Soundcraft LX7ii 24 Channel Live Studio Mixer with 4 band EQ

Soundcraft LX7ii 24

Electronically, the LX7ii gains a new Soundcraft mic-preamp and EQ section, both designed by Soundcraft founder and electronics wizard Graham Blyth.


- 24 input channels
- 48v phantom power switched in blocks of four
- 1/4" line input jack for balanced or unbalanced instruments
- GB30 padless mic preamp provides up to +15dBu input capability
- 18dB per octave highpass filter straight after preamp
- Pre-fade, pre-EQ (but post highpass filter) insert point
- Direct outputs on all but the last 8 channels
- Premium mic pres
- Enhanced, switching EQ section
- 6 flexible aux sends
- Pre-fader, post-EQ soloing
- LED doubles as a peak indicator
- Stereo input section
- Group, master, and control room sections