Shure SCM800E Eight Channels Microphone Mixer with EQ per Channel

Shure SCM800E

The Shure Model SCM800 is a full-featured, eight-channel microphone mixer for sound reinforcement, general audio recording, and audio-visual systems.


- Compatible with Shure SCM410, SCM810 and FP410 automatic microphone mixers
- Adjustable EQ per channel: low-frequency rolloff and high-frequency shelving
- 48 V phantom power selectable for each input
- Active balanced microphone- and line-level inputs and line level output
- Highly RF-resistant chassis and circuitry
- LED indication of channel clipping
- Linking capability for systems up to 32 microphones
- Two Aux-level input jacks that feed one channel
- Insert jack on each channel
- Manual mixing of input channels
- Internal Modification permits 230 V operation (SCM800) or 120 V operation (SCM800E)
- Front-panel headphones output with level control
- Peak-responding output limiter with selectable thresholds and LED indicator