TOA SC-630 30 W Paging Horn Speaker

TOA SC-630

The SC-630 is a compact, highly intelligible speaker suited to public address announcement applications. Its external speaker component finished with powder coating, and stainless steel bracket and screws ensure the unit's weatherproof capability.


Rated Input                 :30 W (Mobile Mount use: 15 W)
Rated Impedance         :8 Ω
Sound Pressure Level :113 dB (1 W, 1 m at 500 Hz to 2.5 kHz peak level)
Frequency Response :250 Hz - 10 kHz
Dust/Water Protection :IP65
Polarity                         :Hot - Black, Com - White
Operating Temperature :-20 ℃ to +55 ℃ (must be free from dew condensation)
Finish                         :Horn flare (Aluminum, off-white, powder coating)
                                        :Reflector horn and rear cover (ABS resin, off-white)
                                        :Bracket, screws and bolts (Stainless steel)
                                        :Speaker cable (Polyvinyl chloride insulated cabtyre cable-6 mm in diameter, 600 mm                                             in length)
Dimensions                 :285 (W) × 227 (H) × 277 (D) mm
Weight                         :1.7 kg
Option                         :Swivel bracket (YS-151S - Can be used instead of the supplied bracket.)