IVA KA250 and KS4310 Karaoke System

Karaoke System


KA-250 Karaoke Amplifier:
* 250W Karaoke Amplifier
* Music & Mix max volume locking
* Delay & Repeat adjustment for Echo
* Start volume functions
* Key controls to suit various vocal type

KS-4310 Karaoke Speaker:
* 225W Program Power Karaoke Speaker
* Larger chamber design for low frequency
* Dynamic and punchy rear reflect bass
* Quad ultra crisp high frequency for high clarity

PRO-UD2 Vocal wireless microphone:
* PLL Dual module locked loop design
* UHF 200 frequency spots PLL digital lock automatic selection function
* Innovative blue LCD static display
* Anti-interference functional control specialized for KTV (multiple channels)
* Mini processor for automatic selection function, it can choose the most powerful signal from 2 microphones, strengthening reception power, increasing working distance and reducing dead spots
* Squelch to adjust pickup distance
* Lockable control function button
* 1 unit receiver
* 2 units wireless handheld microphone

KMU-100 Handheld Microphone:
* Ultrasensitive Pickup Karaoke Mic