Emix EMRM-812 10-Channel Amplifier Monitor Panel

Emix EMRM-812

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The EMIX EMRM-812 provides the convenience of monitoring up to 10 power amplifier outputs. It allows the selection of any 1 of 10 power amplifiers to be monitored. It is designed specifically for 100V line distributed speaker systems. Visual indication is provided by a 5-segments LED level meter. This LED meter accurately indicates the output level of the power amplifiers.

The EMRM-812 also provides audio monitoring via a high quality 5cm dynamic full range loudspeaker built into the unit.

It is standard 19" rack-mountable with earpieces provided and only takes up 2U of space.

* Convenient monitoring up to 10 power amplifier outputs
* 5 segments LED level meter provided for visual monitoring
* 5cm dynamic full range loudspeaker unit with built-in attenuator for audio monitoring of the selected amplifier output.

* Channels: 10, switchable
* Inputs: 70V-100V, 10k Ohms
* Output: SPL 65dB, Variable
* Frequency Response: 100Hz-15kHz
* Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB
* Speaker: Built-in internally
* Protection: AC fuse
* Power Supply: 240VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz or DC24V ±10%
* Dimensions (W x H x D): 485 x 88 x 365mm
* Gross Weight: 7.5kg
* Net Weight: 6.5kg