Emix EMPG-8000 Digital Paging Console with Chime c/w Emex-8003 Line Converter

Emix EMPG-8000

The EMPG-8000 is a digital paging console that comes with chime and a dry contact output for triggering purpose.

RM400.00 RM500.00
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-  Momentary or PTT option for calls.
-  Gain control for fine adjustment on microphone volume.
-  Pre & Post call chime built-in on this paging console.
-  Flexibility to loop through CAT-5E connector for additional paging console.
-  The device will automatically deactivate when the delay period is time 
   out which is 10 minutes.
-  A red LED on the paging console gives visible feedback on the active 
   state of the microphone.
-  Unidirectional all-call call station, intended for EMPR-8007.
-  Dry contact will put in when paging microphone (EMPG-8000) is activated.
-  Providing a balanced line level output and can be up to 1.2km