Emix EMZS8006 6 Channel Uninterrupted Zone Selector

Emix EMZS-8006

EMZS-8006 is a 6 channel uninterrupted speaker zone selector. It is designed to configure for more complicated public address systems, which consist of 2 sources, the PG amplifier and BGM amplifier.


-  3 selectable modes: 1) The Uninterrupted, 2) BGM/PG mode and 3) OFF/PG mode
  1) Uninterrupted mode: BGM or PG (paging) or OFF (silent)
  2) Two-state mode: BGM (background music) or PG (paging)
  3) OFF&PG mode: OFF (silent) or PG (paging)
-  Supports 3-wire or 4-wire emergency override systems
-  Independent 3-wire or 4-wire volume control override for each channel
-  Expandable up to 180 zones uninterrupted or cascade up to 30 units
-  All Call top priority emergency override trigger terminal ready
-  Emergency override triggering through digital port or hardwire port
-  Selectable positive edge trigger or negative edge trigger on analog port
-  Twin RJ-45 digital communication ports for easy linking
-  Microchip controller makes complicated system simple
-  Software ID address setting to eliminate complicate dip switches setup