Emix EMWS664W 50W Wall Mount Box Speaker (White)

Emix EMWS-664W

8" + 3" 50W wall mount box speaker (50W/25W/13W/OFF/8ohm)


EMIX Box Speakers offer a combination of quality, performance and innovation in public address. It is designed for situation where both high quality speech and music reproduction and typically is fix-installed in conference rooms, community centers, F&B outlets and multipurpose halls.

EMIX 2 way full range speakers deliver professional performance from a compact robust enclosure. They have been develop to meet the increasing demands for high quality background music reproduction in indoor applications.

* Supplied with wall mounting bracket for horizontal and vertical adjustment.
* Simple power setting with vari-tap switch for 8ohms and 100V line input.
* Made of high quality engineering plastic, long term durability, never out of shape and colour never fade.
* With high sensitivity speakers for long life, clear and sonorous sound.

* Driver Components : 8" x 3"
* Rated Power : 50W
* Max Power : 100W
* Tapping Wattage : 50W-25W-13W-OFF-8ohm
* Line Voltage / Rated Impedance : 70-100V / 8ohm
* Sensitivity (1m,1W) : 91dB
* Freq. Response : 55-20,000Hz
* Color : Black or White
* Dimensions  : 442 x 255 x 276mm
* Weight : 9kg