Emix EMRM906T Source Player CD USB AM/FM Tuner

Emix EMRM-906T

MP3/CD player under a unit yet produces high quality music sources. The tuner can be directly tuned or through available 20 preset memories. It supports MP3 and CD. This unit has built-in LEDs display and soft buttons for easy track selection. USB slot is available for music source stored in thumbdrive. A remote control is bundled together with this unit. It is standard 19" rack-mountable with earpieces provided and only takes up 1U of space.


* Microprocessor controlled digital tuning system with softtouch buttons easy for operation
* Multi function LED Display
* Auto scan AM & FM, 20 available channels
* Random access preset memory
* Preset memory back up
* Stereo source unit for background music
* MP3/CD player for MP3
* USB thumbdrive compatible for MP3
* Soft touch buttons for easy operation
* Automatically play when CD is inserted

Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20kHz

Frequency Band : FM : 87.5 - 108MHz
                                 AM : 522 - 1620kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio : MP3/CD : 1kHz >= 60dB
                                          FM          : 1mV >= 50dB
                                          AM          : 5mV/M >=35dB

THD : MP3/CD : 1kHz >= 0.3%
           FM           : 1mV, 40kHz <= 1%
           AM           : 5mV/M <= 2%
Protection : AC Fuse

USB Interface : Yes

Power Supply  : 230VAC

Dimensions (W x H x D) : 430 x 44.25 x 250 (Approx Value)