Emix EMKP8001 180 Zones Paging Console With Keypad Controller with EMEX-8002 Line Converter

Emix EMKP-8001

EMKP-8001 is one of the most advances 3-in-1 Digital Paging Console,Chime generator and the 180-zones selector in the market.


-  Build in microchip controller makes complicated functions simple inside one device
-  The large 24 labeled matrix buttons make operation simple & user friendly
-  Suitable for any PA project within 180 zones. Allow long distance (1.2KM) 
   remote control to Emix zone selectors through CAT5 cable
-  Build in 8 Chime tones with pre-set volume
-  7 levels of priority setting; highest priority is given to level 1. FIFO
   (first in first out) priority is given to the same priority level
-  Balanced MIC & CHIME output with adjustable sensitivity
-  Communication ports which carrier 24V, Control Data and Balanced audio via CAT5
-   Programmable zone grouping allow, up to 9 groups of 180 zones per group
-  Zone Grouping & setting can be saved or recalled from internal memory
-  Groups’ memory & setting can be copied to linked EMKP-8001 with Sync Button
-  Pre-settable Call duration limit (1 to 10 minutes) to avoid not intentionally touch
-  CALL button can be set to Toggle mode or Momentary mode 
-  Single button on SELECT ALL or CLEAR ALL setting that make operation simple
-  One touch EMERGENCY button to make all call announcement during emergency
-  Heavy metal base with rubber feet to make it sits stable on desktop