Emix EMCS-557 2-way 20W Ceiling Speaker with Enclosure

Emix EMCS - 557

2 Way 20W Ceiling Speaker c/w Enclosure


The EMCS-557 6.5" Loudspeaker offers high quality performance and wide frequency response. The speaker consists of a 6" diameter dual cone type with power rating of 10 watts. The wide range of the frequency produces a sound quality with low distortion. The frequency response of this speaker is in the range from 80Hz to 20KHz resulting in a wide uniform coverage of 120 degrees thereby producing an excellent sound reproduction for vocal and music for a wider coverage area.

* Voltage 100V, Rated power 20W
* Max. Sound Pressure Level 104±2dB, Effective Freq. Range 80Hz-20kHz
* Made of high quality engineering plastic, long-term durability, never out of shape and colour never fade
Sensitivity 91±2dB, long life, clear and sonorous sound

* Full-range Speaker / HF Driver : 6.5" x 1 1" x 1
* Normal Power : 10W
* Max Power : 20W
* Line Voltage : 70-100V
* Sensitivity (1m, 1w) : 91dB
* Max Sound Pressure Level (1m) : 104dB
* Frequency Response : 80-20,000Hz
* Hole for Mounting : 190 x 275mm
* Dimensions : 305 x 220 x 110mm
* Weight : 3kg