Amperes PD1280 24 Zones Keypad Digital Desktop Paging Microphone with Touch Sensor LCD Display

Amperes PD1280





PD1240 and PD1280 are the new version which shall be the next generation of desktop paging microphones from Amperes. They are enhanced versions of the popular PD2400 series, featuring soft touch sensor buttons to meet today’s aesthetic demands.

Common specifications from PD2000 series are included but further improved with improved sound delivery, thanks to the embedded sound processor. Features available include priority level assignment, multipoint paging setup, chime and microphone volume controls as well as illuminated gooseneck microphone.


PD1240 :
It is a 24 zones with direct soft touch buttons for individual zone and available in 4 groups with ALL CALL. 


PD1280 :
The search for contemporary design with unsurpassed features ends with PD1280. It is suitable for large scale installations, of up to 256 zones, multi point paging stations with 9 priority levels, soft touch buttons and big LCD graphic panel for ease of monitoring and programming.

iPD5280 is the IP version, that makes connectivity of future Paging Systems simpler and expandable.



Power requirement24V DC via EX2800 with local power adaptor
Power consumption1.2 W1.3 W
Zone selection24 zone keys, Group, All CallNumerical Keypad with Group, All Call
Switching selectionSensor touch keypad
MicrophoneGooseneck condenser capsule; unidirectional
Output impedance600 Ohm
Output level1.2V balanced line output
Output controlsChime, mic volume
Data connectionsRS485; 19.2 kbps
Cabling to decoder2 pair screen; 22 AWG / Cat 5e decoder
Recommended operating distance500m subject to cable size
Compatible interfacing deviceMxP2188, TD6240, TD6080
Chime4 tone up and 4 tone down
IndicatorsZone, power, audio, data, gooseneck ring LED
DisplaysLEDLCD display; white back illumination
Frequency response100 - 12 KHz
S/N ratio>65 dB @ 1 KHz
Gooseneck mic length400 mm
Dimensions (W x H x D) excl. mic230 x 192 x 65 (Excluding Mic)
Weight (kg)Appr 1.6 kg