Line 6 StageScape M20d 20-Channel Digital Mixer

Line 6 StageScape M20d

20-input Smart Mixing System for Live Sound

StageScape® M20d is the world's first smart mixing system for live sound. Utilizing a groundbreaking touchscreen visual mixing environment, StageScape M20d streamlines the way you mix to get your sound dialed in quickly and stay in the creative zone. Massive DSP power delivers comprehensive, professional audio processing on every channel including multi-band feedback suppression. Pristine audio quality will impact your stage performances, and multi-channel recording allows you to easily capture every rehearsal or show, with or without a computer. The entire system can be controlled remotely from the stage or audience with one or more iPad® devices. StageScape M20d is the integrated professional mixing system that delivers great live sound, so you can focus on what’s most important: your performance.

Touchscreen Visual Mixing

StageScape M20d features an intuitive, 7” full-color resistive touchscreen interface to get you mixing fast. The touchscreen displays icons on a stage that represent each performer or input, replacing generic rows of knobs and faders. Now you can reach for elements in the mix as you see them on the stage in front of you. A single touch on a performer’s icon gives full access to all parameters relating to that channel, from basic tweaks through deep effects editing.

Intelligence is built into every aspect of the StageScape M20d visual mixing environment. As soon as you plug in mics or instruments, the screen shows a Stage Icon Gallery that allows you to choose from a variety of icons, representing the most common input types and devices (male/female vocal, keyboards, drum kits, electric and acoustic guitars, etc.). You can use these icons to make a visual representation of the actual stage you are setting up. Need to adjust the level on the lead vocal? Just tweak the illuminated encoder that’s color-matched to what you see on screen. Want to pan the guitar? Just touch its icon and you have full access to all of the parameters related to the guitar channel.

StageScape encourages you to stay in the creative mindset of a musician. Using simple descriptors like “bright” or “punch,” StageScape enables you to quickly get to sounds that require multiple parameter changes. The innovative X-Y interface allows you to adjust everything with one finger — what used to be many adjustments becomes a swipe of the touchscreen. Instead of getting caught up in analytics, StageScape enables you to use your ears to achieve great vocal and instrument sounds.

Fader View

For a more traditional mixing experience, you can instantly switch to Fader View and use virtual faders to mix inputs and groups, FX returns, main and monitor outputs, and more. Fader View also enables you to mix monitor sends on faders for those “Can I get more me in my monitor?” moments. And when your singers want to hear reverb or delay on their vocals, you can send master effects to their monitors. Easy and intuitive, these features are typically only found on more expensive digital consoles.

Fader View is available on the StageScape M20d display as well as the StageScape Remote iPad app. For the best of both worlds, you can use Stage View and Fader View together. For example, set StageScape M20d to Stage View and your iPad to Fader View and bank through faders simply by touching icons on the stage. It’s a faster, more intuitive experience than you get with other digital consoles.

Auto-sensing Inputs and Outputs

From solo performances to full band shows, setting up for gigs is fast and easy. StageScape M20d activates each microphone or line input as soon as you plug in a cable and automatically configures a custom-tailored channel strip including Dynamics, EQ, FX and routing.

Control the Mix via iPad, Wherever You Are

The convenience of mobility has become integral to so many aspects of our lives, and the M20d extends that convenience to the stage. Connect one or more iPad®devices simultaneously (via a compatible USB WiFi adaptor) for complete remote control over all mixer functions. Adjust the front-of-house mix from anywhere in the audience.

Each iPad® can control different screens or different parameters in addition to the mixer’s own touchscreen. Whether you’re a band member adjusting your monitor mix or a sound man out in the audience, you’ve got full control.

With StageScape, you can walk around the venue with an iPad® and adjust the front-of-house mix from anywhere in the audience. If band members have iPad® devices, they can also benefit from this feature. Performers can manage individual monitor mixes from their locations, so everyone always has the mix they want. The dream of being able to mix from anywhere in the room is now a reality.

Professional Suite of Dynamics, EQ and FX on Every Channel

StageScape M20d provides a professional suite of dedicated Dynamics, EQ and FX processors custom tailored to each channel including fully parametric EQs, dynamic EQs, filters, standard and multi-band compression, limiters, gates, delays and more. That’s over 100 professional audio processors ready at all times to create the perfect mix. 32-bit floating point processing throughout provides pristine, high-resolution sound quality. Everything you need to get professional instrument and vocal sounds is available where you need it, when you need it.

StageScape recognizes that different instruments or microphone inputs have different signal chain requirements. For example, a DeEsser is great for vocals but unnecessary for a kick drum that could use a sub-bass booster instead. StageScape provides a custom-tailored signal chain for each type of instrument or microphone channel – all you have to do is select the icon representing the type of input from the Stage Icon Gallery, and StageScape does the rest.

Per channel professional suite of dynamics, EQ, and FX processors include:

HPF – High-pass filter with variable frequency is perfect for controlling stage rumble, microphone handling, drum bleed or other unwanted noise. On the touchscreen, a Real Time Frequency Spectrum Analyzer (RTA) runs behind the HPF controls, allowing you to visually dial in just the right amount of low-frequency attenuation.

Parametric EQ (3-band, 4-band, or 6-band) – An incredibly musical, high-resolution parametric EQ. Depending on the type of instrument or microphone channel, StageScape provides a 3-, 4- or 6-band EQ. With the integrated RTA, you can visually identify problem frequencies and fix them, and you can see how your changes affect the overall frequency response of the voice or instrument. An extremely wide 1 to 10 Q range together with +/- 15dB of boost or cut makes the StageScape parametric EQs extremely useful across the board – from adding sparkle and air to vocals channels to surgical problem solving and more.

Dynamic EQ (DeEsser, Frequency Control Filters, Sub-bass Boost) –  StageScape provides a wide range of Dynamic EQ processors that change their EQ curves dynamically based on real-time frequency changes of the instrument or vocal. This allows for a huge range of uses from controlling certain problem frequencies like vocal sibilance to creatively enhancing the power of a kick drum, or balancing the volume levels of the different strings on a bass guitar. Using the StageScape intuitive touchscreen, sculpting incredible sounding instruments or precision problem solving is easy!

Multi-band Compressor – StageScape provides the most powerful and easy to use Dynamic Multi-band Compressor on the planet. Using the touchscreen, you can easily create different compression scenarios for different ranges of frequencies.  Change crossover, ratio, threshold, attack, release and make-up gain for 4 frequency bands. Incredibly useful for bass guitar, piano and other keyboards, vocals, and more, the StageScape multi-band compressor features an incredibly innovative touchscreen interface combined with an on-screen RTA; dialing the perfect amount of compression in each band couldn’t be easier.

Compressor – StageScape includes a versatile professional compressor that can apply gentle, transparent gain reduction as well as pumping compression energy. With ratio, threshold, attack, release, and make-up gain controls, the StageScape channel compressor is the perfect tool to craft great sounding instruments and vocals that sit just right in the mix.

Gate – The StageScape look ahead gate provides precision gating of signals. Controls include attack, threshold, decay threshold, hold and decay.

Limiter – For transparent control of peaks, the StageScape Limiter provides attack, release and gain parameters that are easily controllable with the touchscreen.

Delay – The StageScape Delay effect can be dialed in on a per-channel basis.  With fine control over time, feedback, delay level and dry level, you can add the perfect amount of expressive texture to any vocal or instrument.

Multitrack Recording, With Or Without A Computer

StageScape M20d is designed to make recording so easy that it can be done any time, all the time, even without a computer. The M20d records in high-resolution, 24-bit WAV format to SD card, USB drive or direct to your Mac® or PC.

Multi-band Feedback Suppression

Since feedback can quickly ruin a performance, StageScape M20d features per-channel multi-band feedback suppression. The technology quickly identifies problem frequencies and compensates automatically.

Feedback suppression works by continuously analyzing the audio signal, identifying frequencies that have the characteristics of feedback (steady frequencies with few overtones, rising in amplitude), and then applying a narrow notch filter to remove the offending frequency. You can control up to 12 independent feedback frequencies.

Each time the Feedback Suppression is turned off, all filters are reset. When Feedback Suppression is turned back on, analysis begins again and if feedback is detected again, the filters are turned back on. The feedback analyzer can be set to one of three modes, depending on how aggressively the analysis will seek out potential feedback frequencies.

Quick Capture Sound Checking

At the touch of a button, StageScape can record up to 20 seconds to internal memory from any of the inputs for quickly dialing in drum sounds, guitars, vocals or the entire band.

Digital Networking via L6 LINK™

Featuring system-aware components, self-configuration and more, StageScape M20d and StageSource loudspeakers form an intelligent live sound ecosystem.

Using L6 LINK, StageScape M20d and StageSource speakers scale easily from smaller PA systems all the way up to large scale concert systems consisting of main PA speakers, subwoofers, monitors, and more.

All L6 LINK signal transmission from mixer to speakers and between speakers is high-resolution digital audio for maximum sound quality. Up to nine L3t/L3m loudspeakers and nine L3s subwoofers can be connected via L6 LINK, and channel assignment is automatic. For example, connecting two upright L3t or L3m speakers together automatically configures them as left and right. Connecting three upright L3t/L3m speakers together configures them as left, mono center (left + right), and right.

Any L3t or L3m loudspeakers laid on their side are configured as floor monitors and sent monitor feeds A, B, C, or D. Each speaker’s rear panel L6 LINK display will indicate the current assignment: Left (“L”), right (“R”), or L + R (“b” for both). When connecting one or more L3s subs with L3t or L3m towers, crossover points are selected automatically.

Any speaker on the network can have its channel assignment changed manually from the M20d touch screen interface. In this case, each speaker’s rear panel L6 LINK display will indicate its sequential number in the network. L3t/L3m loudspeakers and L3s subwoofers are numbered independently.

Line 6 strongly recommends using 110-ohm AES/EBU digital cables when connecting StageScape and StageSource via L6 LINK. Standard XLR cables may yield inconsistent results because of the varying quality of commercially available XLR cables. Line 6 does not recommend cables longer than 50 feet for L6 LINK.

Tweak Pad, Visual Multi-parameter Control

For quickly dialing in channel EQ, dynamics and FX, StageScape M20d provides an incredibly easy-to-use Tweak Pad X-Y multi-parameter controller. Drag a finger toward common sound descriptors like “bright” or “dark” and multiple parameters adjust simultaneously to achieve that sound.  For experienced engineers who want fine control over all parameters, Deep Edit Mode provides detailed plug-in-style interfaces, with discrete calibrated adjustment capability.

Total Scene Recall and Artist Presets

StageScape M20d can save and recall a virtually unlimited number of stage setups, scenes and channel DSP presets. We provide a huge library of professionally crafted channel DSP presets – including options from A-list FOH engineers Brad Madix and Daniele Di Giovanni – which dramatically accelerates the process of getting great instrument and mic sounds. Plug in a kick drum mic, choose a kick drum preset and StageScape automatically configures a custom-tailored suite of channel processors – all you have to do is drag your finger around the Tweak Pad to dial in the perfect kick drum sound.

Four Stereo Master Effects Engines

Four master stereo effects engines supply pristine studio quality reverbs, delays, a vocal doubler and more. The StageScape Master Stereo Reverb effect delivers studio-grade algorithms for adding the perfect amount of high-resolution ambience and character to lead vocals and the overall mix. You also get an additional stereo reverb effect engine for creating custom-tailored instrument or backing vocal reverbs.

The third effects engine is a magnificent vocal doubler that delivers stunning depth and richness to any lead or backing vocal. Finally, the fourth stereo effects engine offers a choice of professional delays, chorus and flanger effects to add textures to instruments and the overall mix.

Set and Maintain Preamp Gain Automatically

With Auto Trim and Trim Tracking functionality, StageScape M20d enables you to speed through soundcheck and perform confidently. Auto Trim scans your incoming signals during soundcheck and automatically sets the ideal preamp levels. During your set, Trim Tracking continues listening and intelligently reduces gain if clipping occurs—without changing the mix levels. With StageScape M20d, you’ll never worry about not having enough time for soundcheck, or unwanted distortion during your performance.



  • 20 inputs: 18 analog and 2 digital
    • 12 high-performance, digitally controlled, auto-sensing mic/line inputs
    • 4 additional auto-sensing balanced line inputs
    • 2 digital streaming inputs direct from computer, USB drive or SD card
    • Stereo line inputs for integrating MP3 players or other sound sources
  • 4 auto-sensing monitor outputs on balanced XLR connectors
  • 2 auto-sensing main outputs on balanced XLR connectors
  • L6 LINK™ multi-channel digital networking for integrating L6 LINK-enabled speaker systems


  • Touchscreen visual mixing environment
  • Switch between Stage View and Fader View
  • Remote control capability via one or more iPad® or iPad® 2 devices*


  • Multitrack recording to SD card, USB drive or computer
  • Place markers in sessions for quick access to parts of a track
  • Import multitrack backing tracks from external sources
  • Quick-capture recording to internal memory for sound check


  • Internal 32-bit floating point audio processing
  • Massive DSP power provides parametric EQs, dynamic EQs, compressors, multi-band compressors, gates, delays, limiters and more
  • Multi-band feedback suppression on every mic input
  • 4 stereo master effects engines including reverbs, delays and vocal doubler
  • Virtually unlimited I/O Setups, Scenes and Channel Processing Presets

*Specifications are subject to change.